11. Activating basal plane in NiFe layered double hydroxide by Mn2+ doping for efficient and durable oxygen evolution reaction

Zhou, D.,Cai, Z.,Jia, Y.,Xiong, X.,Xie, Q.,Wang, S.,Zhang, Y.,Liu, W.*,Duan, H.*,Sun, X.*
Nanoscale Horiz 2018, 3, 532-537.
DOI: 10.1039/c8nh00121a

Foreign metal ions with reducing ability were doped into NiFe layered double hydroxides (NiFe-LDHs) to activate the basal plane in NiFe-LDHs for oxygen evolution reaction (OER). Mn2+-Doped NiFe-LDH array electrode yields a low onset potential of 1.41 V and exhibits outstanding stability. The study herein illustrates a new dimension of electronic structure regulation and promises further optimization of highly efficient electrocatalysts.