41. A Nickel-Iron Layered Double Hydroxide-Supported Au Catalyst for Efficient Electrocatalytic C-C Coupling Reaction Coupled with H2 Production

Meng Jin, Lina Ma, Lina Zhou, Kaiyue Ji, Xiaomeng Xue, Bi-Jie Li, Haohong Duan*
Sci. China Chem. 2022.
DOI: 10.1007/s11426-022-1339-8

Coupling of cathodic H2 production with electrosynthesis of organic compounds not only solves the problem of sluggish oxygen evolution reaction (OER) kinetics, but also produces valuable chemicals. However, this strategy has rarely been explored for direct and selective C(sp3)-H activation to construct C-C bonds, which could significantly enhance the synthetic efficiency in organic synthesis. Here, we report a nickel-iron layered double hydroxide-supported gold catalyst (Au/NiFe-LDH) for efficient electrocatalytic C-C coupling reaction in direct C(sp3)-H alkynylation of tertiary aliphatic amines with 1-iodoalkynes, which is coupled with H2 production. Specifically, triethylamine and 1-iodoalkynes undergo efficient alkynylation to afford propargylamine in high yield (79%) and recycling ability without addition of external oxidants, coupling with 78-fold higher H2 productivity compared with water splitting under the same potential. This work may shed light on OER-substituted reaction towards C-C bond formation reactions under mild conditions.