49. Recent progress in photoelectrocatalysis beyond water oxidation

Qiujin Shi and Haohong Duan*
Chem Catalysis2022, 2(12), 3471-3496
DOI: 10.1016/j.checat.2022.11.007

Owing to its high energy density and greenness, hydrogen (H2) is one of the ideal energy carriers to deal with the depletion of fossil fuels. H2 generated by the photoelectrocatalytic (PEC) water splitting process is considered to be a promising method because it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. However, H2 evolution is severely limited by the kinetically slow water oxidation reaction. Using carbon resources such as biomass, organics, and plastic wastes to perform thermodynamically favorable and kinetically faster oxidation reactions would be attractive alternatives. These transformations reduce the energy consumption of H2 production and simultaneously produce value-added chemicals and fuels. In this review, we systemically review recent important progress in this field, and we propose challenges and future opportunities.